Welcome, Festival Program and Ride Guide

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1.     Welcome to the HCWCF

2.     Friday Night: Registration & Welcome Drinks at Bright Brewery

3.     Saturday: Mt Buffalo Women’s Ride

4.     Ride Checklist

5.     Saturday: Lycra Lunch Party @ Bright Brewery

6.     Saturday: Dinner @ Bright Brewery

7.     Other Activities

8.     Merchandise

9.     7 Peaks

10.  Sponsors & Partners 

Welcome to the HCWCF

Thank you for registering for the 2019 High Country Women’s Cycling Festival!   Based out of Bright in Victoria’s High Country, this event is a celebration of women’s cycling with a focus on fun, fitness, friendship and of course, bike riding, in a unique alpine environment.    The Festival aims to bring women together to ride, eat, drink and party over 3 days.

The concept was developed by Michelle and Clare, two women with a passion for sharing their cycling experiences and bringing cyclists, and in particular women, together to ride.  The Festival is a natural extension of the 7 Peaks 100 Women’s Stories and we hope to inspire, encourage and support more women to ride and to experience the beauty of Victoria’s Alpine Region by bike.   

We thank all of our passionate local and government sponsors and partners who have helped us get this event up and running for the second year and hope you have a wonderful weekend, making new friends and enjoying this beautiful region on and off the bike!  

We look forward to meeting you in Bright on the 29th of March. 

Michelle and Clare

Friday 29th March:  Registration at the Bright Brewery

 Date: Friday 29th March

Time: 3:30 - 9:00pm

Location: Large HCWCF Marquee - Located on the vacant block adjoining the Bright Brewery - 121 Great Alpine Rd, Bright VIC 3741

The Festival kicks off at Bright Brewery on Friday evening.  Come along and find our HCWCF Registration Tent beside the brewery where Michelle and a couple of our friendly volunteers will be located to complete your registration.  Registration is via First Name.

You will receive a Rider Registration Envelope & Musette, containing:

❏      Rider Envelope containing:

❏      Rider Wrist Band with your individual Rider Number.  This must be worn throughout the Festival.  It helps us identify you in case of an accident and gains you entry to the Festival events.  It is waterproof and has your Registration Number on it.

❏      Bike Band with your Rider Number on it.  This goes on the seat-post of your bike.

❏      Token for Complimentary Welcome Drink at Bright Brewery

❏      Token for Genovese Coffee

❏      Dinner ticket - only for those of you who have registered to attend the dinner 

❏      HCWCF Musette Containing:

❏      RoadSafe NE bidon

❏      Winners Bar to take with you on the Saturday Buffalo Ride to help fuel your ride

❏      Other samples + merchandise with thanks to our sponsors and partners

Once you’ve picked up your Rego Pack, head in to the bar to collect your free drink.

Relax, meet other riders…..chat to our Ride Leaders.  Bright Brewery have a seasonal menu with plenty of options - a perfect spot to grab a bite to eat and mingle with the other riders.


6.30pm Buffalo Women’s Ride Briefing

At 6.30pm there will be an optional ride briefing.  Michelle will talk you through some specifics of the ride and our Ride Leaders will be introduced so you can chat to them afterwards about the ride.



Located next to the Bright Brewery will be the HCWCF Expo Stalls - our partners from Regional Roads Victoria, RoadSafe NE, Fondo, Champion Systems Australia, Dink Designs & Velo Depot, Ovarian Cancer Australia, Bicycle Network  will set up during the afternoon with some of their products and info about their events.  Champion System Australia will also have a pop-up where you can try on and order HCWCF cycle kit.  Our coffee partner, Genovese Coffee,  will be ready to serve anyone who needs a caffeine hit to get the weekend started!  Check your envelope in musette for the coffee voucher.


FAQ: I’m unable to attend registration during the specified time. When can I register?

If you are arriving later in Bright or are unable to attend registration, you can attend registration the following morning from 0630-0700 hrs back in the Marquee.


FAQ: I’m unable to attend the ride briefing at 6.30pm.  What should I do?

That’s OK! We understand people will be arriving at varying times.  This is an optional additional opportunity for people to learn more about the ride and meet the ride leaders.   We have covered essential information in this document and will have the compulsory final briefing at 7:15am the following morning immediately prior to the ride.  So don’t worry if you can’t make it!

Saturday 30 March: Mt Buffalo Women’s Ride

Date: Saturday 30th March

Time: 7:15am sharp for Rider Briefing

Location: Howitt Park Carpark - below the Bright Brewery https://goo.gl/maps/amWqX76Jrhu

We meet back at the Brewery on the Saturday morning ready for the Mt Buffalo Women’s Ride!


1.     Be at Howitt Carpark no later than 7:15am for the Compulsory Rider Briefing.

2.     Ensure you are wearing your wristband & that your seatpost sticker is attached to your bike and that you have a rear flasher(fully charged).

3.     Alpine weather can change very quickly. The temperature and wind chill factor at the top of a mountain, can be very different to the mild, warmer conditions in the valley. You must carry adequate clothing for changing weather conditions: wind jacket; vest; arms, etc.

4.     The Rider Briefing will be led by Michelle at 7:15am

5.     Participants will self-organise into groups of 15-20 cyclists to depart at 3 minute intervals - with the faster riders first, followed by slower cyclists and finally those only planning on cycling to Rollasons Falls mid-way turnaround point.  This staggered start is to ensure safety, particularly at the start of the ride.

6.     The first rider group will depart at 7:30am

7.     There will be 7 Ride Leaders, interspersed amongst the cyclists.  Ride Leaders will be introduced during the briefing and will be identifiable with HCWCF or Fondo kit.

8.     The final rider group will depart at approximately 7:50 am

9.     The Ride course from Bright to the base of Mt Buffalo (ticket box) is on public roads with reduced speed limits and traffic management safety protocols. All entrants must abide by the road rules (no more than two abreast) and obey police directions. There will be signage along the course to communicate that there is an event in progress.

10.  Mt Buffalo Road will be closed to vehicle traffic (0800-1100, uphill lane only) from the start of the climb (ticket box) to the Buffalo Gorge Lookout, just below Chalet (turnaround Rest Stop).  Please stay on left hand side of road, as downhill lane open. For anyone ascending/descending after 11am, please ensure you ride single file and keep to the left to ensure there is a safe passing distance.

11.  For further tips on cycle safety please go to: https://www.hcwcf.com.au/ride-safe

12.  There is a water-station at Rollasons Falls (approx. 8km after the start of climb) where there will be water, bananas & lollies.  Any rider reaching this Rest Stop after 11am, will be asked to descend.

13.  A tail Ride Leader and tail-car will be behind all cyclists.  There will also be a vehicle to assist with mechanical issues, if required. If you have a mechanical you cannot fix, please call HCWCF Emergency number (m: 0419264062)

14.  When you reach Mt Buffalo Gorge Lookout (Turnaround Rest Stop) - rug-up to keep warm (you can chill off very quickly at the top of a mountain) then check out the view, take a photo, high-five our Welome Crew

15.  Make sure you find our Registration Crew to Check-In at the top

16.  When you are ready, commence the descent.

17.  We recommend those new to climbing/descending should STOP at the rest-stop at Rollasons Falls.  It is important to give your body a rest as descending can be hard work on the hands, shoulders and mind!   Talk to our volunteers / ride leaders if you need help.

18.  The official finish line is back at Howitt Park Car Park (below Brewery).  Bike racks will be provided at Bright Brewery Festival Area, adjacent to the Registration Tent.

19.  Returning Rider Check - In Once you have arrived, return to the Registration Tent to Check In & Receive your Lunch + Prosecco voucher.  This is important so we can ensure all riders have returned safely.

20.  Lunch will be provided at the Bright Brewery (see section below regarding Lunch) and will be followed by speeches and Fashions on the Field (see below).

21.  Find your own way back to your accommodation / vehicle. 


You can read about the Mt Buffalo climb on the Ride High Country Website: https://www.ridehighcountry.com.au/listing/7-peaks-ride-mount-buffalo-mount-buffalo/

Q. If I’m a fast rider, what should I do between the ride and the lunch?

You could either relax at the top of the climb and cheer in the other riders, descend and relax at the Bright Brewery or return to your accommodation and come back to the Brewery later for lunch.  It may depend a bit on the weather!  But don’t forget to wear lycra for a chance to win some great prizes at Fashions on the Field (See below)


Q. How do I know which way to go?

Check out the ride map plotted on Ride with GPS.  You can download this to a GPS enabled cycle computer (e.g. Garmin / Wahoo) if you choose.  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28684773


From Bright to Porepunkah follow the Great Alpine Rd, until the Porepunkah roundabout, where you take the second exit onto Mt Buffalo Rd, signposted Mt Buffalo.  Follow the Mt Buffalo Rd to the Mt Buffalo Park entry, where the climb begins.  After approx. 8km of climbing, where the road flattens (false flat for 2km) you will reach Rollasons Falls Picnic Area on right hand side.  There is a Rest Stop here and halfway turnaround point.  Continue climbing for approx. 10km to The Gap (end of climb), a short downhill and then take the left signposted The Chalet.  Here you will find a Rest Stop, toilets, clothes drop and views that take your breath away!


Descent: follow the same route down back to Howitt Park!  Awesome effort!


Remember: Safety is our First Priority

●      Standard road rules apply at all times during the event.

●      Ride as near as possible to the left side of the road.

●      On the ascent and descent, please single up, to ensure a safe passing distance for other riders and cars.

●      Make sure you signal with your arms/hands if turning, stopping or pulling off to the side of the road. Verbally communicate all changes in your direction, or moving state, to other cyclists.

●      There will be some signage to alert cars of the Event and reduce speed in certain sections, however the roads are not closed so there will still be cars and other vehicles.

●      We have Ride Leaders to help you, motivate & encourage.  They are locals and cycle cycle Mt Buffalo frequently, so can help you along the way.

●      Take care on the descent! Keep left for faster riders.  Always keep alert and scanning for wildlife.

●      The descent is a winding mountain road - cars sometimes creep very close to the centre white line. Make sure you keep well over to the left hand side.

●      Do not ride on the wrong side of the road.


In case of an Incident:

If you have an emergency (e.g. mechanical incident / crash / medical incident):

●      If appropriate, safely move yourself and your bike off the road

●      If you or another rider requires urgent medical attention, or a situation you feel requires emergency support Call Emergency Services on 000 (or 112).  Please also call our HCWCF Event Control Emergency Number: 0419264062 or 0417206932, to advise of incident.

●      Make yourself known to one of our Ride Leaders or HCWCF Vehicles if nearby

●      If you don’t require emergency/medical attention, but there has been an incident requiring support phone our HCWCF Event Control Emergency Number: 0419 264062 or 0417206932

 Ride Checklist

Here is a list of items that you will need for the ride as well as a few other things to consider.  We want to make sure you are fully prepared so that you can be safe and comfortable for the ride.  Keep in mind that Mount Buffalo is at around 1700m altitude - the weather can be cold at the top and highly variable in the mountains.

Compulsory Items:

❏      Ride ID Wristband on your wrist

❏      Attach your Rider ID Bike Sticker to your seat post

❏      Bike helmet

❏      Rear red flasher light (fully charged)

❏      Rain/Wind jacket

❏      Puncture repair kit - spare tube and tyre levers (our Ride Leaders will be there to assist you if needed but you need to carry your own equipment)

❏      2 Water bottles filled

❏      Spare food (Winners bar will be provided in your Rider Registration Pack)

❏      Mobile Phone with HCWCF Emergency Number: 0419 264 062 (Michelle) in your contacts

❏      Bright comfortable clothing for cycling - remember, there’s prizes for ‘Fashions on the Field’ awarded at the lunch!


Recommended Items:

❏      Get your bike serviced prior to the ride - pay attention to gears and brakes

❏      Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated

❏      White front light (fully charged)

❏      Gloves - short &/or long

❏      Arm warmers, leg warmers in cold weather

❏      headband/beanie in cold weather

❏      Base layer of clothing

❏      Multi-tool or allen key

❏      Sunglasses

❏      Sunscreen

❏      Money / eftpos or credit card (the coffee cart at Buffalo Gorge, should be operating!)

❏      Pocket / cafe style lock

❏      Smartphone or GPS cycle-computer to log your ride for the 7 Peaks Ride (see below)

❏      Ensure your ambulance cover is up to date

❏      Items for clothes drop (see below)


Clothes Drop Facility We will have rudimentary clothes drop tubs at the start labelled “Buffalo” “Rollasons Falls”. Your clothes will be available for collection at the top of Buffalo and Rollasons Falls (halfway up the climb), depending which tub you place them in.  We cannot guarantee security of your items & suggest you label them.

It is compulsory  that you carry a lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket in your back pocket for the duration of the ride, as weather can change very quickly.



The Women’s Buffalo Ride, takes you into one of the most beautiful National Parks in Australia.  We ask you to respect this pristine environment, and help us pedal gently on this fragile environment.   We understand that you will, at times, be feeling tired during the Ride.  However, being too tired is not an excuse for disposing of any rubbish incorrectly.  There will be large rubbish bins at the Rest Stops - Rollasons Falls and Buffalo Gorge, where you can dispose of any wrappers/ banana peels, etc.

If you find yourself with rubbish whilst on the road, please hang onto it by tucking securely into back pockets or into leg of knicks, until you reach the Rest Stops.  Your cooperation and respect of this national park, is essential to reducing any impact on the environment, and to ensure the event continues in subsequent years.  Thankyou!

Saturday 30 March: Lycra Lunch Party at Bright Brewery

Date: Saturday 30 March

Time: 12 - 2pm for Lunch, 1:30pm for Speeches & Fashions on the Field Prizes & Presentation

Location: The vacant block adjoining the Bright Brewery - 121 Great Alpine Rd, Bright VIC 3741

The official finish line for the Buffalo Women’s Ride is Howitt Park Carpark - back where you started!

Bike parking will be available on the bike racks and also adjoining the Brewery.  If you are concerned about security, consider a pocket/cafe style lock for your bike. 

Make sure you check-back-in at the Big Marquee Registration Tent.  Volunteers will mark your name off and provide you with an envelope containing your lunch voucher + prosecco voucher + coffee voucher.  If you do not sign-in our emergency processes will be activated after 3:30pm.

 Lunch will be available from 12-2pm and will be provided in the Festival Area at Bright Brewery. Exchange your lunch voucher for a main meal and receive a glass of Brown Brothers Prosecco and Genovese Coffee with your drink vouchers.  Other drinks are at bar prices. 

Speeches, Thanks & Lycra “Fashions on the Field”

At 1:30pm we will have the official speeches and thanks as well as the highly anticipated “Lycra Fashions on the Field” presentation!  We have some fabulous prizes with thanks to our sponsors and partners. So this is event is not to be missed!  

At 1:15pm, our Judges will ask for anyone who wishes to be involved to come forward.  Judging will be based on 3 categories: Visibility + Safety, Coordination + Style and X-Factor!! There will be a major prize for “Group” and “Individual” as well as runners up. Be in it to win it - think bright, think coordinated, think crazy, think matchy-matchy, think ‘groups’, think fun!  We look forward to seeing you there in your best lycra!

Saturday 30th March: Celebration Dinner - Optional

Date: Saturday 30th March

Time: 7pm

Location: HCWCF Marquee in the Vacant block adjoining the Bright Brewery - 121 Great Alpine Rd, Bright VIC 3741

Please note this event is optional and requires an additional ticket to be purchased at time of registration.

Get your apres velo fashion on and kick back at Bright Brewery with a celebratory glass of something delicious, a local produce inspired 2-course dinner/glass of wine, and enjoy some ‘bike-yarns’ from guest speakers.

The event will be in a marquee adjacent to the Brewery - but we suggest you bring some warm clothes, as there can be a chill in the air this time of year.

Seating will be on a first-in basis - due to the nature of the event we cannot ‘reserve’ seats for groups of friends so we suggest you get there early to save yourself a seat.

Other Events

A detailed list and more information on the other events & activities is located on the Program webpage.

Buffalo Ready Skills Clinic, with Lead Out Cycling

Friday 29th, 2-4pm, Meet at Bright Brewery (or as per Lead Out Cycling’s instructions). Sold out already.

Hot Yoga

Saturday 30th 4pm at Bright Boot Camp, 73 Churchill Ave, Bright, Vic


Additional payment required. Book via https://www.hcwcf.com.au/itinerary-1

Falls with Fondo

Sunday 31st , 7:50am for an 8am departure. Meet at Mt Beauty Tennis Club carpark

Free event. More info on the Fondo Facebook Page.


Follow My Wheel Rail Trail Produce Tour

Sunday 31st , 9am - 12:30pm, Bright and surrounds/Rail Trail and local roads

Additional payment required. $50. Not included in Festival pass. Email followmywheel@gmail.com

Cyclepath Mechanics Workshop

Sunday 31st 11am-12 noon, CyclePath Bike Shop, 74 Gavan St, Bright www.cyclepath.com.au

Bookings required. Email: info@cyclepath.com.au

Feathertop Winery Lunch

Sunday 31st, Lunchtime, Feathertop Winery www.feathertopwinery.com.au

Book via the winery itself. Be sure to mention HCWCF to receive a free glass of Prosecco & 5% discount.

HCWCF Expo Pop Up Stalls

Friday 3:30-9pm, Saturday 1100-2pm, Sunday TBC at Bright Brewery , 121 Great Alpine Rd, Bright VIC 3741


Local businesses reaching out to HCWCF:

Don’t forget to check your Rider Musette, for a 50% off coupon from Dr Mauve Bar (cocktail) & Dr Pom (fresh juice).  ‘What You eat’ cafe is offering a free tea or coffee for any item purchased.  So, have fun exploring the food/wine/drink scene #lovebright #feasthighcountry


Let’s get social

 We would love it if you could share the HCWCF weekend across your social media platforms. 

Facebook: @highcountrywomenscyclingfestival

Instagram: @highcountrywomenscyclefest    #hcwcf2019  #buffalowomensride

And don’t forget to reach out to our HCWCF partners & supporters:

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We’ve worked with Champion System Australia to develop HCWCF Rider Jerseys that come in a orange and teal base colour. Jerseys can be purchased online via our website.

 You can select orange or teal and the style/fit of the jersey. Champion System will have sample sizes to try on at the HCWCF Expo and the website will be open for orders for about 2 weeks post event.  $5 from each jersey goes to support Ovarian Cancer Australia.

7 Peaks ride and Wide Open Road Cycling Tours

Victoria’s 7 Peaks Ride is an at-your-own pace cycling challenge which runs from October 2018 to April 2019, taking you up winding mountain roads, around steep turns and past spectacular views right to the top of seven Victorian Alpine Resorts.

Mount Buffalo is one of the 7 Peaks, and by completing the Mt Buffalo Women’s Ride on Saturday 30th of March, you will not only tick off 1 of the 7 Peaks, but are also eligible to enter the Major Prize Draw that forms part of the 7 Peaks Ride series.

The Major Prize is a trip for 2 to see the 2019 Tour de France with Wide Open Road Cycle Tours, run by HCWCF organiser, Clare Holdsworth.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to head to Europe to ride some of the world’s iconic peaks as well as immerse yourself in the food, wine and culture of France.  The prize includes two spots on the already sold-out Bordeaux to Barcelona 15 day cycle tour and return airfares from Australia for two! 

The 7 Peaks Digital Passport will be the proof of your cycling toughness. Once you have completed your peaks and logged them with our 7 Peaks App, or submitted your stamped paper passport, you will go into the draw to win the major prize.  You gain one entry per peak climbed.

It doesn't count (well, officially speaking) unless you're registered for your digital passport. Make sure you're all signed up and know how to log your ride before you clip in!  Register online: https://www.ridehighcountry.com.au/7-peaks/register/

10. Thanks to our Sponsors & Partners

Festival Partner Visit Victoria has supported this event by providing funding assistance through the Regional Events Fund.

Festival Partner Regional Roads Victoria has offered invaluable financial support and advice to deliver a safe Mt Buffalo ride.

We’re also like to thank:

Bright Brewery, Alpine Shire, RoadSafe NE, Genovese Coffee, Dink Designs, Brown Brothers, Bicycle Network, Falls Creek, CyclingAustralia, Fondo, CyclePath Bright, Wide Open Road Cycling Tours, Michelle Armstrong Communications, Ride High Country, Bright & Surrounds,  Champion System Australia, Winners Sports Nutrition, Lead Out Cycling, Velo Depot & Ovarian Cancer Australia; Finde cc