Despite the 'not so bright' conditions outside, the collective mood on Friday night at Bright Brewery as women arrived from all over Australia (and our special Kiwi guest) was a wonderful mix of excitement, anticipation and 'let's do this' attitude! The weather threw everything at us on the Friday and after hourly updates and consultations with our major partner, Regional Roads Victoria and Cycle safety partner, RoadSafe NE, the decision was made to push ahead with the Buffalo Women's Ride and activate contingency plans.

High Fives to everyone who didn't give up on their HCWCF adventure and even if you modified your ride plans, the fact that you turned up and supported us and one another.....well that's an awesome achievement! From the local and wider community, we have received so much positive feedback about those robust, resilient women who were determined not to let 'a bit of rain' (and snow!!!!) dampen their spirits or spoil their girls bike-weekend away!

So many of you were pushed outside your riding comfort zones, and you rose to the challenge - taking on our advice about alpine weather, adequate clothing, safe descending, as well as acknowledging your own limitations and making good decisions. You made it easier for the organisers and volunteers by working with us and not being fazed by last minute changes, like when the registration marquee flooded and we evacuated to the brewhouse - which sort of added a cool, industrial vibe to proceedings!


When you turned up at 0700 on Saturday for a warming Genovese Coffee and to hear the Ride Plans, there was such a strong sense of commitment, positivity and connectedness - a testament to the women's cycling community in general. So we pushed off under grey skies, but the atmosphere was anything but sombre. And when we greeted you at Rollasons Falls with every cyclist's favourite fruit cake and jelly snakes, to supplement your Winners Bars, you arrived strong, determined and ready to take on the rest of the climb to Dingo Dell. The fact that we threw in an extra 3kms of climbing warm, dry shelter with a change of clothes and hot drinks! We are glad that our interstate visitors from warmer climates enjoyed the novelty of snow at the top - we did say that Buffalo never disappoints!

So a massive congrats to all riders, whether you decided to stay at Dingo Dell and enjoy the snow falling outside, or you embraced the challenge of a cold, wet are all heroes and an inspiration to many! The young nieces of one of our riders want to know how old they have to be to join 'Aunty Anna' on the Ladies Ride - so how's that for inspiring Next Gen HCWCF!



A massive thankyou to all our volunteers, who also dug deep in the challenging conditions - they had your back all the way up and down the mountain. We are so lucky to have volunteers who are not only experienced cyclists, but are locals who know the mountains and the variables of alpine weather! Dispensing advice on what to wear and bike handling tips for a safe descent, were all part of the service


We didn't quite have the sunny al fresco backdrop for our Lycra Lunch Party, but the HCWCF marquee was pumping and no need for playlist beats to get that party started! The Brown Brothers Prosecco and the top notch fare served up by the talented team at Bright Brewery, were the perfect ride rewards and a big thanks to the lycra fashionistas who braved the catwalk for Fashions on the Field, winning some great prizes from our generous partners. We loved the “Rock that Garbage Bag” category and big congrats to the Cycling Mums who won the grand prize with accommodation voucher for the beautiful Kiln Houses in Porepunkah!

Thankyou for opening your hearts and wallets to the important cause championed by Ovarian Cancer Australia. You raised over $3000! A huge congrats to Jacqui who raised over $900 for Ovarian Cancer through her Everyday Hero Campaign. You can donate to Ovarian Cancer via Jacqui’s campaign or see our website on how you can support Ovarian Cancer Australia and to learn about the signs and symptoms for early detection.



It was a special night for our 80 guests, sharing the day's experiences and hearing great yarns from our inspiring speakers, at the Celebration Dinner avid cyclist, Jayne D'Arcy worked her magic with the guest speakers, eliciting their inspiring stories of adventure, life challenges and bike travels. Thanks to Lyn, Alessia and Jane for sharing their stories!

The fabulous Fondos wisely decided not to brave the snowy conditions on Sunday at Falls Creek, but their efforts in getting women prepared with training rides in the lead up to HCWCF, was of immense value. And hats off to Bridget from Lead Out Cycling who didn't disappoint the 25 women who signed up for the Bike Skills session on Friday before the Ride - with 40mm of rain falling in Bright that afternoon, she changed the practical to a talk-based session and from all reports, those newly acquired skills were put to the test on Saturday. Thanks also to Bright Boot Camp for running a Yoga session to stretch out, relax and wind down post Buffalo!

Thanks to Brendan at Cycle Path Bright for demystifying Bike Mechanics at the Sunday session and for helping our riders throughout the weekend.

SEE YOU IN 2020?

THANKS ONCE AGAIN, we hope to be back in 2020 - with sunnier skies and more of the same wonderful camaraderie, fun, adventures, bikes & women supporting women!


We’d love your feedback! Please complete our online event feedback survey before 30 April so we can plan for the future.

- Michelle and Clare